What does RA + Amusement Park Equal?

On the surface, it is a big bag of “aaaaaaaaaaaa!”

Late last evening, I made the choice to go to a local, large-name amusement park with my family. I knew it would be physically painful, but the way my daughters’ eyes lit up when I consented to go drove away any trepidation I felt. They make pain killers, after all. What can’t be made is that last day of summer before we all gear up for the next school year.

It was a lovely, warm August day. We left when we were all ready to go, and the trip was relaxing. We had one of those precious days when we were telling jokes and laughing at nothing in particular. 

Then the RA monster woke from its slumber. That damn beast has the most erratic schedule and often appears unannounced. What nerve!

For those who aren’t familiar with RA, it is nothing like advertisements depict. I don’t take a pill and then feel up to running a marathon, playing on a beach, or any of that nonsense. Instead, I get to take three handfuls of meds each day and two injections per week just to be able to maintain some sort of normalcy that allows me to function in daily life. When injury strikes or the disease-monster flares, I don’t heal quickly. I eat right and exercise, but the meds pack on weight, no matter what I do. I tire easily and unpredictably, and my balance and concentration can be wonky. This, from a body that used to be thin, strong, and active. While everyone’s experience with RA is different, that is my story.

So I’m putting my weary, painkiller-laden self to bed. But the love my family gave me all day makes my heart light.

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The best part of us

My social media feeds seem to have a constant stream of unbelievably outrageous content. If I believed half of what I read, I would think that people are corrupt, narcissistic, mindless, and bigoted. The daily news in the current election season seems to have no limit to the atrocities it reports.

Then I watched– truly watched — the Olympics and the media, social and otherwise, it generates. Here are the glimpses of what has struck me.





I think that the Olympics is an opportunity to be our best, not just as athletes, but as human beings. I’m glad we have this particular set happening now. It reminds me that good people are everywhere. We just have to look for them.

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What if?

What if we aren’t as different as some people would have us believe?

What if we realized that we all have the same hopes, fears, needs, and dreams?

What if one action we took or one decision we made could change the world?

What if we Americans were the ones who were wrong about our priorities?

What if we listened– truly listened– to our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world?

Could we become better citizens of the world?

What would it look and feel like if we did?

trust 1




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My life, expressed in a single word

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I have more thoughts in my head than proverbial irons in the fire. I have started and scrapped at least a dozen posts, so I figured I should try to get one written. It may come out as a mish-mosh of different ideas, and I apologize in advance.

Today in church, a good friend of mine delivered a sermon about balancing news with the Bible. I’m not a Bible thumper of any sort, and I take any mainstream media outlet with a cowlick of salt. However, something about the message echoed some of the angst I’ve been feeling about this year’s election season.

This season comes down to a question of values. Who are we as a people? What do we value? I can’t possibly guess at anyone else’s values, so I can only speak to my own. In no particular order, I value:

  • Family, both blood and chosen
  • Freedom to live as I choose
  • Acceptance of people as they are
  • Love, in whatever shape or form it may appear

My biggest fear, and one that I believe is shared by many people, is that these things I value will be somehow threatened or otherwise jeopardized because of the divisiveness and hate I hear proclaimed by one of the candidates. I came across the following cartoon from The New Yorker and I found it particularly clever. I think it characterizes the values of the candidates quite interestingly.


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I’m not screwing around. It’s time.

Live & Learn


I think midlife is when the universe gently places her hands upon your shoulders, pulls you close, and whispers in your ear:

I’m not screwing around. It’s time. All of this pretending and performing – these coping mechanisms that you’ve developed to protect yourself from feeling inadequate and getting hurt – has to go.

Your armor is preventing you from growing into your gifts. I understand that you needed these protections when you were small. I understand that you believed your armor could help you secure all of the things you needed to feel worthy of love and belonging, but you’re still searching and you’re more lost than ever.

Time is growing short. There are unexplored adventures ahead of you. You can’t live the rest of your life worried about what other people think. You were born worthy of love and belonging. Courage and daring are coursing through you. You…

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…So why am I blue?

The day is a loveless, cloudless summer day. The birds are singing, the cat is lazily bathing herself next to me on the couch, and a cool evening breeze stirs the air. Bills are paid, and enough money remains to take care of our needs. The house is mostly clean, and I’ve accomplished all my professional tasks. The kids are happy and (blessedly) peaceful, mostly due to the summer rules we’ve established (i.e., no fighting = more screen time)

And yet I find it hard to smile today.

It seems like something just outside of my ability to sense is slightly off-kilter. Kind of like when something smells slightly wrong, but you’re not sure why. It could be the low-level fatigue that is my constant companion. It could be that I’ve had some disturbing anxiety-ridden nightmares lately. It could be nothing at all.

Or it could be a simple need for chocolate. I intend to test that last theory this evening. download.jpg


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