I thought the old boxes were sealed shut

And then there has been a week-plus of this Kavanaugh nonsense. This man and his defenders are despicable. If there is even a question of any of his behavior, it should be investigated. In my estimation, this man does not have the quality of character to breathe the same air as Justice Ginsburg — or […]

Lightly Child, Lightly

Ms Green didn’t believe her mind was a dark room full of poisons— a room cluttered with rags pills, torn tinsel, perfume in lavender glass. She got stuck sometimes inside her mind like a bit of lint caught in a web meant for a fly… But today Ms Green learned to reach inside and touch…

Lazy Summer Morning Reflections

This morning, I saw yet another item in my Facebook feed proclaiming the benefits of not having a formal education past high school. For the record, I am a strong proponent of the idea that not everyone can or should attend college because our society needs electricians, plumbers, and workers in the various trades in […]

Taking stock of life

I’m sitting at a table at my husband’s high school reunion tonight. As I look around the room and catch snippets of conversations, I realize that all these people are just like me. Struggling to make sense of life by connecting with people they haven’t seen, sometimes realizing how much they have changed — or […]

Miracles…and bruises

So Mom’s here, and settled in. The dog is running the house when she isn’t being everyone’s emotional support animal. The house is beautiful and new, and full of boxes in various stages of unpack. Underneath it all, a deepening sense of peace and serenity. Instead of waking in a place where no level floor […]

Miracles and those who would spoil them

I’ve noticed that every time I’m about to settle for mediocrity, the Universe surprises me with something better that my limited imagination. No, I didn’t get the promotion at work. And the house deal fell through. I felt like a giant loser for about a day or two. But the setbacks were the precursor for […]