For those of us who remember the agony of growing pains (or have loved ones who have experienced them in recent memory), consider the way you felt while it was occurring. If you’re anything like me, you stretched and massaged and tried anything you could imagine to make the pain stop, right? The worst part was that no remedy worked except time– at least for me.

Now think about the caterpillar for a moment. When it forms its cocoon, it doesn’t resist the pain of metamorphosis, right? Ok, we don’t know for sure, and I haven’t heard of any caterpillar or butterfly psychics lately.

Or, another example for my fellow Twilight junkies: When Bella goes through her transformation, she describes it as an inescapable fire and wishes she could scream or otherwise alert someone to the terrible pain she feels.

But what happens on the other side of the metamorphosis? The caterpillar, which is admittedly cute and fuzzy, becomes a glorious butterfly who is no longer earth-bound. In Bella’s case, she describes herself as “gloriously immortal.”

Here’s the quote for consideration today:
“A man, who is constantly engaged in action and works hard until he has achieved his goal undergoes lots of metamorphosis and positive change which helps in his self improvement. ” — Sam Veda

Is transformation painful? Possibly.
Is it worthwhile? We cannot know until we complete it.

Do you resist your transformations or embrace them as the possibility to reach the next stage of your personal evolution?


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