A filled cup

Sometimes it seems like the journey is long and that the path is unclear. Sometimes it can seem that what fills your cup is  the rain of sorrow, fear, anticipation, or perhaps some mixture of any number of feelings. Often the journey can be the most frightening when all seems dark, clouded, or that there is a bend in the road around which you cannot see. I have found that my current journey has involved a nearly total re-definition of myself, which (as my best friend commented) is daunting after age 40. That re-definition has involved everything from  my hair color, the music to which I listen, the news I choose to read, my hobbies, and the people I allow to be close to me.  As I look back over the last few years, I see where I have experienced fundamental changes that, in retrospect, are huge and have made me who I am today. Some of the changes have been relatively simple, but some have come at a great cost. As I look forward, I can’t help wondering how else I must change to become the person I am destined to be.

As I was contemplating this post, I heard a very beautiful song by an artist named Vienna Teng from her song “Lullaby for a Stormy Night.”  Here are the lyrics that struck me.

“little child, be not afraid
though rain pounds harshly against the glass
like an unwanted stranger, there is no danger
I am here tonight

little child, be not afraid
though thunder explodes and lightning flash
illuminates your tear-stained face
I am here tonight

and someday you’ll know
that nature is so
the same rain that draws you near me
falls on rivers and land
on forests and sand
makes the beautiful world that you’ll see
in the morning”

(c) Vienna Teng

It would be easy to carry an umbrella and prevent myself from the falling rain. However, it occurred to me that the rain that fills my cup with all the aforementioned emotions is the same rain that washes away the impurities that stunt my growth into the self that the Universe wants for me. As anyone who has ever hiked a mountain knows, water is a necessity. These emotions that fill my cup are the water I must drink along the journey, allowing them to cleanse and purify me as they strengthen my soul. This rain will fall, but it is the love of the Universe, helping me to grow through trial, to learn strength from pain, and to build compassion and wisdom for other journeyers.

Furthermore, we are all journeyers on our own paths. We are often called upon to give water to each other through love, companionship, or even a simple smile. In this way, we all are one and nothing separates us but that which we allow to do so. In this age of texting and blogs, a smile can be a simple text message with the ubiquitous 🙂

Let’s all  fill each others cups with the water we need for our journey. The water we give each other will create the beautiful world we each seek.


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