Growth from the ashes

Last week, I wrote about brushing off the ashes and allowing a new train of possibility to approach.  While I hear that whistle in the distance, I’m still waiting for the train to arrive. As I sit patiently, I’m noticing some new growth where there was once ash. This growth does not appear in flashy ways. It’s so subtle that it can easily be overlooked: tiny miracles that arise like the blades of grass after a fire or flood.

Here’s some of what I mean:

Unsought appreciation. I had a brief and unscheduled opportunity to sit quietly with a colleague and talk as humans. This person was supportive and caring in a way that had never existed between us before. We formed a new level of relationship that made my life a little sweeter.

Unsolicited support. On one of my online boards, I posted a message that reflected some of my true emotional state. I received two messages that said (literally) “I love you” from two people whom I have never met in person– and probably won’t every see, except on these boards. These unsolicited messages of love were a gift from the Universe– of that I am absolutely positive.

New ideas. As I took the time to reflect and wait for my train, I had some lovely new ideas for creative and professional projects. For those who know me personally, I am the type of person that loves to have a project (or many) to work on at all times. To find new creative ideas fills me with incredible joy and anticipation.

This new growth is the love of the Universe. It comes without warning and can be choked by the ashes of dead possibility and the weeds of self-hate.  It will only appear if you allow it. Like new growth, it must be nurtured, protected, and fed so that it may flourish into its full beauty.

Here are the directions for fostering this new growth:

1. Be gentle and patient with yourself. Like any plant, it can’t be forced to grow.

2. Nurture that new part of you with self-care, positive thoughts, hope, and appreciation.

3. Be vigilant and remove the weeds of negativity that will choke the life out of it.

Most of all: appreciate this new growth that reflects the love of the Universe. It is a gift that is yours alone. Use it well and you will reap its rewards when the time is right.


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