Journeys and companions

It is so easy to feel alone on our journey, isn’t it? We meet at that train station that I’ve talked about for a couple of weeks and occasionally get to admire the beauty there. Sometimes we get to travel with a fellow journeyer on the same train. This journey, together and alone, is what I want to focus on this week.

So many sayings exist about people’s places in our life. Let’s cut through them, ok? At the heart of it, the Universe gives each of us the opportunity to learn and grow in love through the people with meet and the experiences we have. Sometimes the most life-changing relationships are all too brief. Think about it– how many times has a line from a movie or song changed your perspective? Although we never meet these people, some because they are fictional characters and others because they are professional artists whose work we only get to admire, the beauty of their expression has the power to change us. The important piece that I want to emphasize is that these people are companions on our journey nonetheless.

Our job is to seek the meaning of the interaction and experience the gratitude for the love of the Universe.

I’m going through a train station moment in my life right now. I can hear the train whistle in the distance, and find myself taking stock of the extraordinary beauty of the people who have been my companions, some for a long time and some for much too short a time. I have been reflecting on my growth in the last few years and can hardly believe where I am today. I would never have imagined becoming who I am today, and most likely would have dismissed the idea as improbable¬† a few years ago. As I consider the people I have met who have inspired me, challenged me, and loved me enough to bring me to this particular train station, I feel nothing but gratitude. I think it is normal to want to keep these beloved people close enough to satisfy my human senses of sight and touch.

Thinking about it, no two journeys are identical. That’s the unseen and sometime painful beauty of the love that gives us life. Our destination is the same: fulfillment of the potential that was our gift from the very first moment of life. The people we meet are gifts to help us unlock another piece of that potential. Our task is the same for them. I think one of the hardest parts of this life is allowing people to change trains to take a different path from ours. Sometimes that is the most important thing we can do for each other: loving, appreciating, and allowing each other the freedom to continue along the journey. These people who touch our lives leave their mark on our soul.

Herein lies the reflection I want to share this week:

Although the final destination is the same, we all have unique journeys.It is not ours to judge another person’s path. Instead, our task is to encourage, teach, inspire, and nurture each other during the brief time we have.

Love deeply and learn as much as possible from the people you meet. Each person is a gift from the creator.


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