Time for a dash of gratitude!

It is so easy to get caught up in all the things that pull us down. I keep telling my husband that the evening news should be renamed “Bad News” because that’s all I ever hear. No, I’m not Pollyanna. I realize that bad things happen all the time. It’s just as easy to think about the good as it is to listen to the bad news. Concentrating on those bad things robs us of the sweetness of life.

So for this lovely Monday in June, I want you to take a couple of moments and STOP. Think about all the good things in your life. Consider each one and savor the appreciation.

This is the Thai word for "appreciation"


Here’s mine, if you can’t think of anything:
*I’m thankful for my employer who allows me the room to be sick and not push myself to get well quickly — because they know I will push too hard.

*For my family, who have been around me when I need it and who have given me peace when I want it.

*For my beloved best friend, who, in the midst of preparing to move to a new state to give herself and her  children a chance at a better life, brought me homemade chicken soup this weekend.

*For my current malady, which has brought unexpected gifts of healing in two significant relationships in my life — and a huge weight loss!

*For my keen mind, generous heart, and evolving soul that allows me to appreciate all this beauty and goodness.

*For my students who inspire me to be more of who I am meant to be.

What’s yours?


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