It’s the Little Things that Count the Most

This past week, I had an unexpected chance to be home with my children. We called it the mommy-girl week. I haven’t had the chance to do this since…I guess the last time was when my younger child was born. My husband substitute taught for me (which was a wonderful blessing!) and the girls and I had four days in a row all to ourselves. At first I was a little nervous. What would we do together? How do I play with them? Since I was recovering from an illness, how would I make sure to get adequate rest during the time?

Eventually, I relaxed and realized that we didn’t have to DO anything. We put puzzles together, watched movies when it was too hot to go out, and took a trip to the local mall when I finally felt strong enough to handle it. We had the best time just doing little things like snuggling, talking about school and family, and just enjoying each others’ company. It occurred to me that although the BIG accomplishments (like finishing my doctorate, losing 25 pounds in a few weeks, and getting out of debt) are tremendous, they are akin to the sumptuous feasts that we enjoy at holidays. If we had such rich experiences all the time, they would eventually lose their sparkle. Who wants a huge, multi-course meal all the time?

It’s the little things that matter the most:

The little girl grinning at me as she sleepily comes downstairs to greet me in the morning

The endless drawings and art projects

The joyous noise (aka homemade song) emanating from the backyard as the girls rehearse a “show” for mommy

The marvelous relaxation of getting a pedicure as a self-prize for the weight loss

The family in pajamas enjoying homemade apple muffins in the morning light

The little snugglers who rest their head on my chest in utter relaxation and whisper “I love you, Mommy”




THAT’s what most important in life. It’s the everyday nutrition for the soul.



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