Living fully and finding silver linings

In my last blog, I wrote about living fully. The beautiful part of living fully is the thrill of deep experiences, the wonder of exploring new parts of ourselves. For all the wonderful parts of living fully, there’s the downside of feeling the pain that is the opposite side of the coin. By living fully, we invite both ecstatic joy and crushing pain to be part of our lives.

In this past week, I experienced three events that invited tremendous joy as well as crushing pain. It’s hard to differentiate the joy from the pain because each event had an element of both emotions. Part of growing into your potential involves feeling the positive and negative aspects of life more fully than you imagined possible. The trick, I think, is to find that positive part of EVERY negative experience.Sometimes the positive can be knowing that someone you love will be happy, despite your pain at the change in their life. Sometimes, it’s as little as seeing a new blossom that you would never have seen if you hadn’t walked a certain path in the midst of your pain.

Plain and simple, pain is part of growing into your potential. The tears that accompany the pain are beautiful. A friend of mine posted this saying as her Facebook status, and it resonated deeply with me:

There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness,
But of power.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief
And of unspeakable love. — Washington Irving

The pain you feel is a testament to the depth of love, the aliveness in you. Embracing the person you are involves allowing the love of the Creator to grow more deeply in you. The Creator would never wish you to experience pain without hope of future joy. That’s the silver lining: the new blossoms along the path, the smile on a beloved’s face when they fulfill a need, the unexpected end of a painful situation.

Cry when you need to release the pain you feel, and marvel at the beauty of those tears. Through the tears, look for that silver lining and experience the hope of new growth and rich life.  You deserve it — and it awaits you with open arms!



One thought on “Living fully and finding silver linings

  1. OMGOODNESS, Jeanette. I cannot express how much this has resonated with me today. I am feeling as if my life is full of pain and joy at the same time. Not necessarily physical pain, but emotional/psychic pain due to the place I am in right now. Tears? HA! I have cried enough tears to fill an ocean. However, the joy I have is immense! Joy because I have this opportunity to grow and stay around to experience more of whatever God has planned for me. THANK YOU.

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