The cure for mediocrity

This week had challenges on many levels. In the midst of them, I remember whining to my husband, “Why can’t I just be ‘normal’ and have an uneventful life like other people?” His response was a direct message from the Universe: “What? Do you want to be mediocre?” The changes and challenges are life’s invitation to greatness. We all have a choice: rise to and overcome the challenge or avoid it. Rising to and attempting to grow through these difficulties is what leads to more life, more depth, and a closer relationship with our Creator.

We are not meant to be boring, living lives marked by mediocrity. Yet the omnipresent sirens of today’s world beckon. The TV compels us to watch the latest installment of some program, advertises some new trinket that promises to make our life easier, or distorts reality so that all we see is the ugliness around us. The Internet and all its minions (my Blackberry is my personal favorite) has games, websites, and endless new applications that distract us from ourselves. I’m not condemning the media and the internet entirely. I spend a significant amount of time writing pieces like this, conducting business, or simply connecting via the electronic means available.My point is how easy it is to become lulled into a life marked by no change, no growth — mediocrity.

A life without change is no life at all! This week I started reading a new book called Manifesting Change by Mike Dooley. He has a universe called “The Universe Today” at, in which he discusses life from a very metaphysical perspective. As I am reading his book, I see so many connections between the work of The Pacific Institute, the teachings of Christianity, and some of the works of the great philosophers (both classical and contemporary). The message is quite simple: visualize what you want in detail, believe in yourself, and allow the Universe to guide you toward your goals. The common theme among all these sources is simple: Goals, Belief, and Action.

Goals: What do you want? I think of the Spice Girls lyrics, “what I want/ what I really, really want.” If you tune out all the distractions of the world and listen to that voice inside, what are the cravings of your soul? What is it that would make you feel fulfilled, alive, and happy?

Belief: Do you believe that you it is even remotely possible for you to attain your goal? Even if that belief is as tiny as a mustard seed and as elusive as the light of a firefly, can you imagine yourself reaching that goal?

Action: Here’s the hard part: Do you believe strongly enough in your goals to allow inspiration and action to guide you? This is that leap of faith to which many religions and philosophers refer. It’s also the element that is commonly neglected. You have to believe so strongly in the beauty of both yourself and your goal that you are willing to allow the Universe to guide your actions.

I can already hear the objections of “Wait–don’t I control my destiny?” Of course you do! But if you sit at home waiting for Ed McMahon (bless his soul!) to show up on your doorstep with a sweepstakes check or for Mr./Ms. Right to magically appear with roses, chances are that your goals won’t materialize. It’s the lack of action that condemns us to a life of mediocrity.

So here’s the cure: Faith. I’m not talking about religion. I’m talking about faith in things unseen, of the willingness to ignore the “how” of achieving the goal and allowing the Universe to guide you gently and lovingly to fulfillment of your unique gifts, your beauty.

Believe in the beauty of your goals and allow the Universe to guide your action. Listen to those tiny voices of intuition that are the unseen guides for your path. Most of all, Do something, anything, that allows you to meet life. Even if it’s taking a walk or talking with the next person in link at the market, invite life in.

Can this type of faith be unsettling? Absolutely! I find myself resisting it under the guise of “control.” I know others who resist faith because of fear. This type of faith is the deep belief in the providence of the Universe and reminds me of Peter Pan, who had to believe in fairies for Tinkerbell to live.

I challenge you this week to set some new goals and believe in your beauty and creativity to achieve them. Then get out there and allow the Universe to work its magic through you. I promise, even if it takes much longer than you expect, that you WILL reach your goals. Be patient, persistent, and believe. You will get the help you need, and unimagined beauty will become the landscape of your life.




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