Here’s your magic wand!

What would you do if you had a magic wand? No, it doesn’t come complete with a fairy godmother. You have the power to use it any way you please. There’s one stipulation: You may only use it to do good things.You cannot cause anyone else harm. No curses — only blessings.

Having a magic wand is a tremendous responsibility. Not only can you concentrate on what you want– you have to consider the greater good. Used improperly, you could inadvertently change blessing into a curse. You could also change a curse into a rich blessing. It’s a very potent item, so you must choose wisely.

I’ve mulled over this question all week, and it’s trickier that it seems on the surface. My first thought was to cure my own illnesses and make my own dreams a reality. As I considered those choices more fully, I realized that there were to powerful negatives to those actions:

  1. By curing my illness, I would lose the fullness of compassion that continues to grow in me. I would also lose some of my inspirational appeal and become mundane once more.
  2. If I made my own dreams come true, it may result in some poor choices. The Universe has its plan and knows precisely what is best for me, and how and when to make it happen. My own shortsighted vision could result in pain for more than just me; it might cause pain to the people I love the most. It also implies a lack of trust the providence of the Universe.

Knowing that use of the magic wand carries tremendous responsibility and careful choices, I had to consider my actions much more fully. What do I want that is best for me and the people around me? Here’s a partial list of people over whom I would wave it:

Magic wand
  • My best friend and her family to give her peace, abundance, prosperity, and health
  • My brother to cure his loneliness and give him the courage to allow his inner beauty to shine forth more fully
  • My parents and my in-laws to bring them health
  • My family to bring us peace, fulfillment, and contentment
  • My students to grant them the strength of will to succeed in their endeavors
  • The countries and people of the world to enable peaceful resolutions to conflicts
  • The various religious factions to show them that despite the shape or name we use, the divine spirit is the same within all of us

Notice that I didn’t say “money” or refer to physical appearance anywhere in the list? That’s because money and physicality are artificial constructs. We choose to place importance on those things. While both are worthy goals, sometimes someone else suffers because of our efforts. Think of all the people who have suffered when someone becomes greedy about money. How about the people who become so fixated on weight and physical beauty that they injure themselves or overlook someone else’s needs in their pursuits?

As I look at my list, I realize that I already have the power to do all these things. No, I can’t cure anyone of an illness, but I can spread love and offer comfort. I can’t give my best friend peace, but I can listen to and love her. I can’t stop the world conflicts or make anyone successful, but I can help people to believe in themselves and seek individual peace. I can’t stop religious conflict, but I can show tolerance and acceptance through my attitudes and actions.

Here’s the kicker: Everyone has a magic wand, believe it or not.  It is nothing physical, but that doesn’t make it any less real. How will you use it?


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