“Peace”s of eight among the treasure

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Last week I wrote about hidden treasures along the journey. Today, I want talk about the peace that accompanies the recognition of treasure (and give a tip of the hat to a good friend).

I can think of many cheesy and over-worn sayings that address valuing things, separating trash from treasure, etc. The simple fact is this: Recognizing treasure in life is one of the most important lessons we can ever learn. In other words, we need to develop the discernment to know what is gold and not iron pyrite, what are diamonds and not cubic zirconia, and who are friends and not just flatterers. The false things can be as attractive — and often more so — than the truly valuable treasures. So here are some tips I’ve learned along my journey to help me distinguish between the two.

  1. Does the history of relationship/experience (I’ll call it r/e for short, and experience can mean a job or hobby or something like that)  bring you peace or anxiety?
  2. How do you feel about yourself when you are separate from the r/e?
  3. When are you at your best self?
  4. Where are you free to be yourself, with all glorious flaws and awesome accomplishments?
  5. Does the thought of a future with the r/e/i bring a sense of peace?
  6. When are you the happiest?
  7. Can you envision yourself growing with the r/e in the years to come?
  8. Do you feel strong and a sense of “rightness” about the r/e?

As a lifelong musician, I’ve become something of a musical snob. I’m very particular about what I consider “good” music and thoroughly enjoy well-crafted harmonies. If I hear something that is discordant because of a wrong note or some part that is off pitch, it’s worse than nails on a chalkboard. That sense of discomfort is the same feeling I get when I consider relationships or experiences that have been unhealthy or have had some element of falseness. It’s the loss of peace that brings the discomfort and anxiety.

The Universe wants us to be peaceful and joyous– always! The falseness of insincerity or pettiness makes us less than who we are meant to be. Sometimes we can’t see the unhealthy times for what they are because we are fooled by lies or glamour. When we do realize the truth and remember our beauty, it’s worthless to berate ourselves. Learn the lesson in the situation, give your wounded soul some love, and re-connect with the peace and love that is yours.

Remember: You are beautiful. You are worthy of love and every good thing this world holds. Finally, your belief in yourself and recognition of your strength and beauty is all that truly matters.

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