What does your love look like?

A water puddle on a beach in Denmark.
Image via Wikipedia

That’s almost like trying to describe the wind, right? We don’t know what the wind looks like and can only visualize the effects of the wind: the leaves blowing, the feeling of it blowing in our face, the smell of woodsmoke borne on the breeze. What is the source of the wind? Scientists tell us that is it a meteorological effect that happens when high and low pressure systems meet, blah, blah, blah. Trying to describe the source and cause of the wind makes my eyes glaze over with boredom because it’s far too analytical for me. I would prefer to enjoy the effects of the wind (except when it become a tornado or hurricane!) and leave the explanations to someone else.

It’s the same thing with love. What causes one person to love another? I don’t think any of us can possibly answer that question with scientific reasoning. My belief system tells me that it’s a manifestation of the love of the Creator. Some might say that it’s some sort of chemical or hormonal reaction to someone else’s presence. Others might  discuss fate, past lives, soul bonds, etc. For me, I’m not as interested in what causes love as in its manifestations.

As I write this morning, I want to mention some love I’m currently witnessing:

  • The aged husband, carefully making a Sunday breakfast of eggs, sausage, and toast for his wife of several decades. He awoke early to have it ready for her so she could be nourished to play music at the local church’s morning service.
  • The young child, awaking early and spending some quiet time with her grandma and grandpa while they ate the aforementioned breakfast– and sneaking sausages off grandma’s plate.
  • The sound of daddy and one of our daughters quietly talking, snuggled under covers on this chilly morning.
  • The music that grandma practices for the church service, in order to create an atmosphere in which people can more fully experience the Creator’s beauty.
  • The sausage-stealing child cutting out a clipping of an old newspaper “just for you, Mommy.”
  • Both children gathering around me to celebrate my current near-50 pound weight loss.

Descriptions of these manifestations of love are far more interesting to me than any analysis of source or reason for the love. Love is ours to give, not question. Because the source of love is the Creator, we have a never-ending well from which to draw our supply. The more we give, the greater our capacity to access and draw from this wellspring.

The trick is to learn to recognize the manifestations of love and just continue giving it away.

What does your love look like to you?


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