Reflections, Resolutions, Images: What’s the Bottom Line?

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New Year’s Eve is drawing to a close here on the West Coast of America. Many of the articles and posts I’ve read or heard today address reflections on events of the past year or wishes for the coming year. It struck me that all of it is imagery:

  • What pictures stand out in our individual or collective memory?
  • What are our images of a desirable future?

The image we recall about last year or project about the future is as elusive as smoke, as transitory as thought. It’s also heavily colored by the emotions we feel about the image. For instance, if I said the word “foreclosure,” each of us might experience a different emotion about it. For the person losing his or her home, the pain and grief cannot be wished away from the experience; however, for the person acquiring a home that was in foreclosure status, the feeling of triumph might color the memory.

The same goes for the resolutions that so many people like to make for the new year. These resolutions are a wish or a statement of a desire. Although there are many common themes among resolutions, the main point is that they are all images of what we consider to be an improvement on our current condition. Like any image, the colors depend on the feeling associated with them.

Ok, so what do these images have in common? Perception.  That’s right, perception. A burden for one person is a blessing for another. Why is that, anyway? It is the bottom line:


A person’s attitude determines whether an event was a terrible tragedy or the most wondrous blessing. Attitude influences whether the new year’s resolution is only a temporary wish or a reflection of a deeper change that is manifesting. Think about it. How many resolutions have you made that were a simple wish that lacked follow through? Did the wish ever manifest? Probably not, although there are some exceptions. Now think about a time when you wanted something so much that you planned, acted on those plans, and followed through. What was the result? It may not have been success as you have originally defined it, but I’ll bet there was some element of change  that resulted from the action.

So as you reflect on events or imagine your future, try to step back a tiny bit.

  • How much of the memory is fact and how much is colored by emotion?
  • How much of what you imagine for your future is something you are prepared to act upon? How much are you willing to work for that future?

Remember this: Your attitude determines your happiness and your success.  Once you understand that, the rest is easy.


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