Paths and journeys

This evening I had the tremendous joy of attending another graduation of my students. Each graduation, held twice a year, is filled with sweet memories of my students’ journeys and the bitterness of watching them cease being part of my daily life. My students always hold a special place in my heart and I learn as much from them as they do from me.

Our faculty speaker made some interesting comments that resonated with me.

* The journey is often more important than the destination.
* The destination of one journey is the start of the next.
* We all may walk next to someone as we travel, but our path is unique.

Nicole (the speaker) astounded me with the depth of her words. Each of you who read this share a brief part of my journey, and I wonder sometimes what each reader gets from my words. What I know is this: Every experience, every day, indeed every breath changes us in some way. Some changes are large, many are small. Each experiences changes us to prepare us for the future and helps to fulfill some small part of our destinies.

My friends, thank you joining me for this brief few steps. I am blessed for your presence and attention. I look forward to our next meeting, whatever form it takes!


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