Calm-ing home

In my last post about what happens after you stand up for yourself and say “no” to life-denying behaviors, I  searched for something to writer about. There’s gotta be something interesting going on. I searched for events, insights, and growth, but came up empty. Then I received a message from one of my favorite feeds, The Universe Today, that discussed the job of stillness and our need for it as a regular part of life.

I became still, calmed my mind (not easy after my morning coffee!) and just listened. I heard the chirping of my daughters as they awoke on this President’s day holiday. One is going with me to visit my brother and have a little Mommy one-on-one time; the other will stay home with Daddy and the grandparents to play games and relax.  Both girls were excited about their plans for the day.

Daddy, who didn’t sleep well, was able to sleep in a little, and the song of the tea kettle announced his gradual awakening. Peace reigns over the house, and a subtle sense of anticipation heralds the coming events.  Outside, the sun is starting to melt the clouds that brought a little rain last night. I am calm, peaceful, and in sync with my family and creation.

In my search for what to do with myself after I declared my needs, I nearly overlooked the stillness in which the seeds of growth germinate. All the signs are pointing to a new life that is on its way, but like the ground in winter, the growth is not readily visible– not yet. That’ doesn’t mean it isn’t happening, and like a gardener who overworks the land looking the new growth, my searching for it could cause me to overlook it and perhaps stunt or kill it before it has a chance to poke through the ground.

Seek silence. Even if it’s just a few minutes of looking through a window at the same vista you see every day. The stillness allows your soul to grow.

English: Calm morning on Newgale The sun just ...



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