The winds are a-blowing

I’m not talking about the horrible events of the past week, in which many people have lost homes and lives. My heart goes out to each and every one of them, having been through one tornado in my life– and not wishing for another ANY time soon. Earthquakes, for some reason, are much easier for me to handle. That’s probably my California upbringing showing.

Instead, I’m referring to the winds of change that blow through life, sometimes at unpredictable intervals. Since we’re in March (which comes in like a lion/and leaves like a lamb) and the winds herald the coming of spring, I’m contemplating the winds that have blown through my life and continue to blow. It’s things as simple as the car accident in which I was involved yesterday (we were rear-ended) that will give me a chance to drive a rental car while the family van is being repaired. That car crash changed the course of the day significantly yesterday: we were on the way to see “The Lorax,” but had to exchange the tickets for a later show. Instead, we visited out local Sees Chocolates, picked up some “just because” presents for my parents and had a nice, relaxing evening. The day turned out far different than we had intended, but the change was so much better on some levels than the original plan.

As I look around my surroundings, so much has changed in the last few months. With my weight loss, I now have a wardrobe that is almost completely different from what it was before Christmas. As much as I liked and was comfortable in the clothes I had, I really love my new size and feel much (let’s admit it!) sexier in my new stuff. For the same reason, I’m no longer relegated to wearing clunky shoes with orthotics all the time. I actually have some fun shoes that are comfortable and look fabulous on me. My family has grown much closer in the last few months due to the economic changes that threw us under the same roof and my brother’s injury that cemented our bond. My girls have started blossoming into responsible young ladies, and grow like weeds. My work schedule has changed, and it’s turned out to be more wonderful than I ever imagined.

I know that more changes are coming, and instead of being apprehensive the way I used to be, I feel a sense of excitement — almost like a child on Christmas eve or on the night before going to Disneyland for the first time. I have grown in so many ways in the last six short months and feel completely prepared and open to the changes that the universe is bringing.

Bring it on! I’m ready!

English: Image of a California Poppy flower (E...



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