The P in Patience

I’ve been reflecting on my last post and the meaning underlying my wait. It’s really all about patience, isn’t it? In my world, patience has meant waiting — but that waiting included tapping my fingers, pacing the room, chewing my nails, etc. It occurred to me this week that waiting and patience can be the same, and really should be. Patience, according to the dictionary, means the capacity and willingness to endure. Some extensions of the concept are worth exploring.

Using the P in Patience, here’s some thoughts:

Perseverance: Patience is the ability to wait, despite unfavorable odds. It recognizes that anything worth having may be challenging to achieve. Sometimes we have to undergo tough times and setbacks to reach our goals. We persevere through hard work and tough times to reach our goals.

Poise: Patience involves dignity and composure, not thinly veiled anxiety. Think about someone you know or have seen who exudes poise. They have a calm, serene exterior. More than than, they are in control of their emotions and able to remain grounded for indefinite periods. Patience involves composure and the dignity inherent to the knowledge that events will work out in the best possible way.

Presence: Patience means that you are present, actively involved in whatever opportunities arise. You never release your goals, but you continue to enjoy life while you wait. Whereas impatience leads to distraction, patience is a conscious presence of mind.

Persistence: A patient person has the tenacity to cling to goals, no matter how unreachable they might seem. We overcome the challenges of attaining our goals by persisting through all adversity. Very often, the most adversity occurs immediately before goal attainment. I have seen so many people give up right before they would have succeeded, probably because of anxiety or impatience — or a lack of self-confidence in their abilities.

Finally, Peace: A patient person is peaceful, truly and thoroughly. They trust in things unseen that will enable goal attainment. They are poised in both mind and soul.  Peace and patience reflect and enhance each other.

If you await something and find that you are not these things, are you truly patient? Is the event worth the wait if you lose your peace in the process?

patience (Photo credit: I am marlon)

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