The Magical Miracle Tour

Japanese Garden -- Portland
Japanese Garden (Photo credit: Alex Williams)

I just started humming what I thought  was the Beatles song, then realized theirs was “The Magical Mystery Tour.” Instead of changing my words to fit theirs, I decided to go with mine instead. Life IS a magical miracle tour. Who or what are the tour guides? I think that’s a relatively simple answer: It’s all the people in your life and those “chance” encounters that happen so often that we hardly realize the miracle when it occurs.

Today, one of my cousins married a very lovely woman, twining their destiny to start the possibility for miracles that we cannot imagine. As I watched the wedding, I noted that the day was absolutely perfect. The weather was a crystal clear 72 degrees with enough of a breeze to keep everything fresh. They held the ceremony is a particularly lovely Japanese garden in a public park, complete with a tea room, pagoda, and a pond with water lilies and ducks. The ceremony was short, but very sweet, and I caught my cousin choking up when he delivered his vows. It was a moment in which all was right with my little corner of the universe — which is no small miracle in itself.

I look at all the other tiny miracles that I think are the mile markers that prove you are on the right path. From the mundane glories, like finding beautifully comfortable shoes and learning that they are buy-one-get-one-free, to the larger and more subtle ones, like hearing the mixed gratitude and pain in a loved one’s voice. Why is hearing pain a miracle? I consider it a miracle of grace  that I am blessed to be aware of other people’s emotions.  It gives me opportunities to seek healing for my loved one.

Each day’s miracles never cease to amaze and often surprise me. Even on those days when I have a challenging start because of physical pain or the elusive vestiges of some nightmare that evoke fear, the miracles find me and remind me that the Creator is ever present. The Creator is the one who I hear, generally as a tiny tug at the edges of my awareness, when I discover an opportunity to live and love more fully.

I invite you to look for the miracles in your daily life. Even if it’s just the chance to smell a newly bloomed rose, enjoy all the miracles that the Universe has for you. Maybe you’ll see that we all live a magical miracle tour.


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