A Child’s Wisdom: Strengthening the Rope

Three-strand twisted natural fibre rope

A little while ago, I wrote about how hope, happiness, and joy are the proverbial “rope” to which we cling. Recently, I had two occurrences involving my children that stunned me. Had I not been gifted with the sure knowledge of that shimmering rope, I would never have seen the experiences for what they were: Threads of wisdom that strengthened the rope.

Let me offer a little background to illuminate this story. My life is in a kind of sustained freefall. I have been in a state of growth and transition for about a year and a half now. Sometimes the sense of falling is very disconcerting. During those times, I suffer from temporary blindness and cannot seem to find my rope. As I grope in the void, I feel as though I am all alone and no one cares if I’m happy, if I live, etc. I’m not sure if I’m the only one who experiences this, but something tells me that it might be a blindness that we all experience from time to time.

Back to the story. In one of my periods of blindness, my younger daughter happened to be near me.  As I moaned “no one cares,” she simply snuggled next to me, close enough for me to inhale the sweetness of her hair, and whispered, “Mommy, I care.” In that instant, the rope became visible and I clutched it as thought my life depended on it. The certain knowledge of that child’s love and care for my well-being added another thread on which I could depend.

The other daughter, my older daughter left me a note on the kitchen counter. It was a simple expression of her hope for my safe landing in the period of freefall. I pinned that note to the wall by my bed where I would see it multiple times each day. When she noticed where I had hung the note, I explained to her that it was a visual reminder of my hopes. The profoundness of her response left me awestruck. She said that more people than I realize have joined their hopes with mine. Consider that for a moment.

Could so many people care enough for me to hope for a safe landing for me? How many might that number be? As I consider that last question right now, it overwhelms me.

How strong is my rope, after all? How did my children gain the wisdom to give me those messages when I needed to hear them?  How easy might it have been to overlook either occurrence and fall into despair? In any case, I’m glad that I have the gift to understand the voice of the Spirit that comes from everywhere.

Your rope is as strong as you allow it to be. It takes an openness to receive and recognize the gifts that make it stronger and to open your eyes during the blindness of hopelessness. Hmm, that sounds like trust.

Funny how trust, hope, joy, and happiness are all linked.


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