The Lifelong Smörgåsbord

As I contemplated this blog post for Father’s Day, all I came up with were syrupy-sweet thoughts about the fathers in my life. I’m not dismissing those thoughts– not even a little bit. I do think, though, that those sentiments are best left to greeting card companies who make a profit from playing with our emotions.

Instead, let’s focus on what leads us to life. Your father was very literally the key to the door through which you crossed to start your life. If nothing else, the world is a better place because your father helped create you. The world would never be the same without you and you are a cherished child of the universe.  Thank you, fathers, for the gift of your child’s life.

What else leads you to life? That’s a whole other question, isn’t it? We have a smörgåsbord of choices, some healthy, so delicious but not so good for us, and some that repel us. Some of the choices you make seem right at first, but end of upsetting and/or hurting you. Occasionally, something you choice may seem so good, but is actually poisonous.

Think about the choices you have made or will make in your life. Which have been soul nourishing? Which have felt good at the time, but turned out to leave you hungry, eroded your self-worth, or nauseated you in retrospect? When have you tried something new and found that you liked it — or didn’t? Do you always choose the same offerings because they are familiar, comfortable, and safe? What about the dish that is unfamiliar– would you try it to see if you liked it?

Life is a giant smörgåsbord, my friends. It’s you choice to try whatever seems appealing. It’s also your choice to stick with the familiar. There’s nothing wrong with either path, because they are all part of life. You can choose to be neat and precise about the choices or to dive in and just enjoy the “food” with childlike abandon.

Me? I choose to dive in. I’ve had my bouts of inadvertent poisoning and experiences that were not so nourishing. I’ve found people who were so attractive, but were toxic to my soul. Through it all, I have lived. I have partaken in the smörgåsbord called life with exuberance and fearlessness.

Wait! I see new “dishes” being brought from the kitchen. I have to go check the new experiences that life has in store!


3 thoughts on “The Lifelong Smörgåsbord

  1. How gracious of you to include my wee offering about the DD (Dad Day) Blessings to you and I really like your smogasbord of life…I am now following you awaiting the next feast. Thank you for your talent….

  2. I saw this brain and almost cried. My daughter came in one said and said “I need a brain”. We searched hi and lo and finally found a mold for her school project. I drove her to school that day and stayed for her presentation. Such a great Father’s day memory…..

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