…And God Chuckled

Last week I wrote about watching my husband and children leave for a vacation with his family on the other side of the country. This past week, I’ve battled with alternating feelings of joy and despair, freedom and boundaries, and generally figured that their time away would be quiet and kind of dull.

And then came Friday afternoon.

As a small piece of background information to frame this story, my parents have owned Welsh Corgis for about 40 years. Their last one died about a year ago. My parents are not young, and they figured that they were too old for another dog.

Back to the current story.

I arrived home from work on Friday and my mom said that she had seen a Corgi puppy in the newspaper. I looked at the advertisement, but noted that it hardly looked like any Corgi that I’ve ever seen. My mom sighed and said that she was probably too old anyway. I looked her squarely in the eye and said, “Life is short: Get the dog.” That simple statement sparked an extensive Internet search for a suitable Corgi. After several hours of looking, we found a six-year-old female Corgi in southwestern Washington state, so we called the owner. As it turned out, the six-year-old was not available anymore, but a 15-month old female pup was. We checked out the pictures and discussed the dog extensively with the breeder. By the evening, we decided that this 15-month old would be ideal and that we would travel to get her.

Early Saturday morning found the two of us in the car on our way across two states to get a dog. Here’s the part where God chuckled:

  • I had figured I would have a quiet, semi-despair-filled weekend of missing my husband and children
  • Mom had given up hope of getting another dog
  • I had been to Portland, but had never driven across Oregon, although I dreamed of doing so
  • Mom had resigned herself to never traveling again because of her age and certain infirmities

Are you getting the picture yet?

  • My weekend was anything but boring, although I do miss my husband and girls terribly
  • Mom now has a beautiful, sweet-natured little dog named Sophie
  • I got to drive to Portland and parts of southwestern Washington
  • Mom got to see three glorious mountains (Shasta, Hood, and St. Helens) in one day, as well as some glorious countryside

And all of this would never have happened if 1) Mom hadn’t spotted the puppy’s ad in the local newspaper and 2) I hadn’t made my flippant comment.

I’ll bet God isn’t just chuckling. God is rolling on the floor, laughing.

I’m so glad that She has such a wondrous sense of humor!



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