Feng Shui-ing the Soul


This past week has been chaotic. There, I’ve said it. Between finishing the manuscript for a book that has been years in the writing, trips to the hospital because of a gall bladder that was misbehaving, and meetings to decide some aspects of my future, it feels like I’ve lived a year in a week. Out of all of it I’ve learned a tremendous lesson in trust, especially when circumstances are out of my control and I’m in need of help of any sort.


Today, the lesson at church had a part that remained with me about the way we construct meaning based on our understanding of language. The analogy that came to my mind was the various iterations of furniture that I have had over the years. If I said the word “couch,” I can remember so many types that I or my living partners have had:


  • The blue and green velvet set that was in my living room when I was growing up (pretty, but really dated)
  • A particularly hard green and brown striped one that had storage under the seat (uncomfortable, but good when storage was a necessity)
  • The brown and rust striped things that belonged to my ex (comfy, but not mine and quickly reclaimed when we split)
  • The cream-colored sectional that was shredded down to the wood on the front because of some lively kitties (comfy, but free and very overworn)
  • The blue and pink couch that doubled as a hide-a-bed in the time before I married my Chris (pretty, functional, good for a one-person house)
  • My beloved and (and currently in storage) custom-made taupe and burgundy set (comfy, durable, much-loved)
  • Our current abode, in which we are on borrowed furniture (comfortable, but not ours)


As I look at this list, I can see the stages of my life and the person I was through each of them. A change of furniture reflected a change of life, in whatever form it took. So right now I’m in a transitional stage of furniture, during which the ones that I like the most are in storage, awaiting the time when my family and I will emerge and settle into our next stage.


It’s amazing how much the simple analogy of furniture depicts my spiritual growth.


I decided today that it’s time to do some feng shui to my soul. Feng shui, the practice of living in physical and spiritual harmony with one’s surroundings, is characterized by light, energy, and spirit moving freely through a defined area. In today’s sermon, the discussion of “spirit” as the Creator’s breath moving within and through us struck me. In that moment, I knew exactly who I was and who I am meant to be.


In times past when change has needed to happen, it has involved a radical change of living space, furniture, surroundings, or people. This change is different. I don’t need to cast out all the old furniture, etc., of my life — just reclaim what is mine and re-arrange it to allow the Creator spirit to move freely.


The fog has lifted. The gentle breeze of love and acceptance move through my soul. Hallelujah!


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