Fortitudo, by Sandro Botticelli
Fortitudo, by Sandro Botticelli 


I’m fairly certain that most of us have heard the phrase “no guts, no glory.” Intuitively, we all know that phrase means that nothing worthwhile is accomplished without some sort of inner strength. What exactly is the inner strength we need? Is it physical “guts”? If that were the case, I would have a lot of glory, as would many other people.


I think it’s something else, because I certainly don’t have that much glory– not that I’m really a glory-seeker, though.




Gumption: Defined as “courage” or “resourcefulness,” it’s that spark that makes you shine. It’s that sparkle in the eye of someone who challenges boundaries (self-imposed and otherwise) and has learned that victory is possible. A person with gumption knows that the victory is not always easily obtained; often it is hard-won and requires the flexibility of a contortionist.


Uniqueness:  The quality of being different from everyone else, even if it’s only in tiny ways. Let’s face it: We are all the same at the basic levels. We all have similar cells, organs, etc. It’s our concept of “mind” and “soul” that make us unique. It takes courage to accept our uniqueness and allow it to shine forth.


Trust: Here’s the sticking point (at least for me!): trusting in wisdom and beneficence of those around us — and even in a deity. However, as I’ve learned recently, that trust is mandatory. You have to trust in others and allow them to trust in you. As the Creator-spirit is in all people and all things, trust in other people and trust in the Creator are inextricably joined. You also have to trust in yourself and the innate wisdom of the Creator spirit that resides in you. Either you trust or you don’t– there’s no halfway.


Strength: This is far more than simply physical strength. If physical strength were all that was necessary, I would have been glorious years ago. I would also have lost that glory when upon the first onset of my RA . By strength, I mean mental, spiritual, emotional, physical, etc. All types of strength are needed, and they must be balanced. On other words, what good is it to be physically strong and mentally weak? or any combination of the others? Working toward strength in all aspects of your being brings balance.


That, my friends, is the key to glory. Here’s the secret:


If you are being true to yourself and striving to be your best self, you are already glorious. 


My goodness, I see a lot of glory all around!






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