Who are you today?

“To rise above limitation does not mean changing
the physical conditions of your life.
It means going beyond these conditions to know
who you truly are.”– Julie Redstone, “Reflections of Light”

As I progress through my physical recuperation (which is going well), I’m doing some spiritual therapy. Like so many of us, I am constantly busy and have a million things going on at any point in time. This enforced slowdown has allowed me time to discover some weaknesses in my spiritual foundation and fix them.

I remember the Oingo Boingo song with the lyrics, “Who do you want to be today?” It’s easy to put on clothing and “be” someone temporarily. I do it all the time: work clothes allow me to adopt a professional demeanor; jeans or sweats evoke a sense of relaxation.

The better question is this:

Who are you — beneath all the trappings, beyond all labels associated with status or career, what exists?

I think that answering that seemingly simple question is one of the most challenging, yet most important pieces of a person’s spiritual foundation.


If you don’t know why, then you must answer the question. Find who you are. The rest will follow.

By the way, the picture with this post is one goofy facet of a truly beautiful human. I happen to have the great fortune to be married to him for 12 years as of this weekend.


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