What are you, part 2

Right before my recent surgery, a friend posed a list of questions that caused me to engage in deep introspection. It took me a relatively long time to answer these simple-seeming questions, but I wanted to give them the depth they needed.

I invite you to consider these questions for yourself:

Who were you before? Searching for the deep emotional friendship I thought I once had, to the point of denying my true self and sabotaging the beauty of my life.

Who are you now? Strong, self-reliant, trustworthy —  my true self

1. The most important thing about me is…honor, courage, and strength

2. The thing I do best is…persevere despite unfavorable odds

3. Someday I hope to…inspire my children and other people to reach for their dreams. I hope to connect people with the futures that they had given up hoping for.

4. What I like most about me is…my perseverance and resourcefulness

5. What I dislike most about me is…my anxiety about things that leads me to short-change myself

6. I am most happy when…accomplishing things that are very challenging, especially if I can help someone else in the process.Helping other people grow into their potential.

7. The thing that scares me the most is...that someone could rape or kill my children. That my gifts and talents will go unused and unappreciated.

8. What I need more than anything right now is…success in building my future. I’ve wasted my talents for too long, and sometimes the courage to be what I can and am meant to be eludes me.

9. What makes me really mad is...injustice when I am powerless and someone I love is the victim.

10. I feel very sad when…I feel alone and think that no one notices or cares about me

11. I feel loved when…my children hug and kiss me and Chris snuggles up to me. When I get flowers for no particular reason.

12. When I think of my mother I…think of how anxiety and fear rule her life, often impeding the beauty of her soul and her gifts.

13. When I think of my father I…remember the strong, stoic, hard working, loving man.

14. If I were magic I…would make the world safe for my children and future generations. I would eliminate anxiety and self-sabotage.


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