TGFY? Thank God For Yoga!

yoga (Photo credit: GO INTERACTIVE WELLNESS)

This past holiday week ushered in some new activities, some long-term and others one-time only.

  • I started a new blog as a birthday present for my mom and have been posting her lifelong body of artwork, an easy and long-term activity that made my mom speechless and teary-eyed :-). (Update: the link to her blog is judysdiamondyear.com)
  • I started a series of brief classes in graduate-level accounting that will lead to an international certification and (I hope!) tip me over the edge into a more satisfying job. No, I’m not insane (at least my doctor tells me I’m not). These classes are only 6 weeks each and I only need to take four of them. Compared to my doctoral work, these are a walk in the park!
  • Thanksgiving. I brainwashed my family into making the meal mostly low-fat, but that meant more engineering of and supervision over the cooking. Thank God that’s only one day of the year!
  • A wonderful night of games and friendship with a family we have known since we moved to northern California. We all wish we could do this more often, but with growing kids, need I say more?

Throughout the week, my RA was getting a little cranky and we had a small kerfuffle with my younger daughter’s ADHD medication adjustments. I found myself thrown between the rocks of doubt and self-pity, alternating with times of calm, floatable waters and  swift-moving undercurrents.

I found refuge in my exercise program. Between my favorite sweat-producing low-impact workout and my yoga DVDs, I was able to break the stress and find small oases of peace. And then came Friday night: My body decided to rebel, resulting in a pulled hip muscle. For the record, I am a firm believer in better living through (legal!) pharmaceuticals, and was very grateful to have the proper painkillers on hand– and a very good heating pad!

Tonight, after a little more gentle Hatha yoga, the pulled muscle is a bit happier. I now am reminded of a few laws in my universe:

  1. I’m not a teenager anymore and my body is not as flexible as it once was…yet.
  2. Even though I love to have a gazillion simultaneous activities, I am still recovering from fairly recent surgery and don’t have all my normal energy back…yet.
  3. Hard work must be balanced with self-care and time for little-girl and darling-hubby snuggles.
  4. Colorful shoes make me happy, so I must wear them to shake off the potential depression and anxiety that often threatens to overwhelm me.
  5. Retained fear turns into anger, depression, or some other negative, energy-draining emotion. It’s best to release it and use the energy elsewhere.

On that note, I’m going to float away with my music and see what low-fat, body-happy dessert item I can find.


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