“I have no power over you that you don’t give me, and you have no power over me that I don’t give you. … Your greatest creation is yourself. Like any great work of art, creating a great self means putting in hard work, every day, for years.” — Vi Hart

As I prepare for tomorrow’s interview, I find myself calm and peaceful this morning. This is an interview. Taking it for what it is, not what I want it to mean, it is the continuation of a conversation that began a while ago. They have only as much power over me as I grant them. Therefore, I am granting only as much power as I want, thanks to some help from the Creator, who granted me another in-person travel-laden interview for a different school. It takes my anxiety down tremendously knowing that I have a fall-back position.

It feels very liberating to say this: You have no power over me.

I think that if we could all take a tiny step back in fearful situations and utter that one sentence with intent and full understanding of what it means, we might be able to step off the fear cycle — if only for a moment. People and things only have as much power over us as we grant them. I think that might be one of the secrets that Nelson Mandela and other less-famous people learned while physically imprisoned. We can be physically restrained, but our spirit remains free. (Yes, I know that people can add disclaimers and detractors here based on their definition of “freedom,” but let’s stay focused on my intent, ok?)

Never think of your body as who you are,

but as the sacred vessel that houses
who you are.
Even an infirm and painful body has been
chosen by the soul who wears it to serve
a Divine purpose. 
As such, it is worthy of love and may join with
all other parts of the self in living a sacred life.
— Julie Redstone
The message above appeared in my inbox yesterday as part of a email series about hope and transformation. Combined with Ms. Hart’s comment, I found the key I needed. I have an infirm and often painful body. For this brief shining moment in time, my spirit is free as I contemplate these words.
I am free:
Free to interview them as much as they interview me.
Free to choose whichever opportunity is correct for me and for my family.
Free to reject either or both if they don’t feel right.
Free to be me, in all that I am, with all of my facets and experiences.




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