The Miracle Unfolding in Us

English: Acts of the Apostles 28:30-31


I discovered something interesting in miracles: They only happen if you believe they can.


In my Bible challenge, I happen to be reading the book of the  Acts of the Apostles. In this book, the risen Christ appears to many of the original apostles and some new ones, too. In each case, they have to believe in order to see Him. If they believe that they cannot see Him, then they will not, even when He stands before them. For the ones who don’t know not to believe in the miracle, they see Christ without the knowledge that others had.


You have to believe before you can see.


In my own life, I am  attending a job interview in my current locality tomorrow. It’s a good position with a steady employer. My concerns about this position is the cost of living where I am now (it’s among the highest in the country) and the instability of the California public school funding.


Monday, I get to fly to visit with my husband’s family while I interview for a position that I truly believe is the best for all people remotely connected to my life, even those who I haven’t met yet. It’s perfectly situated in an area where we can visit with family, but not feel like we are living on top of them (and vice versa). The schools in the area are well funded, the cost of living is less than half of where we are now, and it’s in very beautiful countryside that is close enough to four metropolitan areas that we wouldn’t lack for anything.


Can you tell which job I want?


The trick for me is to keep believing in the beauty and perfection of my dream. Trust me, that’s a big trick, given my experience with interviewing.


I choose to believe in miracles and maintain hope that this one will happen for me.






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