On the Other Side of Hell

Silly string in action


My mom noticed that I hadn’t updated my blog since my journey to hell (aka Taft, CA), so I reflected. What happened on the other side of that experience?


For the record, I did very well at the interview in hell, but removed myself from consideration once I returned home. I didn’t want to have to turn down a job just because it’s in hell.


I received high praise for some professional curriculum writing that I’m doing. It made me feel like I might be on the right track finally. I find myself grinning and giggling as I write the curriculum and am getting a refresher on subjects I haven’t visited in 30+ years. It’s a good income stream that I think could become long-lasting because of its flexibility and the character of the people who work with me.


Still waiting for word from the PS (preferred school), and my contact in the human resources department, who is a darling, is trying not to get frustrated with the committee. They are dragging their feet a bit. In the meantime, instead of pacing nervously, I’ve started planning for a “yes” answer. I have purchased some silly string for my girls and will obtain some champagne with which to celebrate. My husband and I started roughing out the details of how we would accomplish the move, including dates and rental truck company. I was offered a line of credit that would be the precise amount we would need for the move.


I mentioned this last detail to a friend, and she stunned me by saying that there is no such thing as coincidence. Hmm. She has a point.


I think that maybe the Universe sent her to remind me of that little fact.


What’s on the other side of hell?


  • I’m certainly a lot happier since I got that experience over with.
  • I proved to myself that I can drive long distances almost like I could when I was younger.
  • I’ve started to discover professional acclaim where I’ve been denied it before.
  • Hope has been re-born, although I can’t put my finger on why.











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