Mysterious Ways

Jah's rays
Jah’s rays (Photo credit: /\ \/\/ /\)

The Creator works in mysterious ways, for the Creator’s ways are not our own.

As many times as I have heard that, I continue to be surprised at how situations always work out for the best. As different phases of my life have ended, I recall the sorrow that has accompanied them. Many beginnings and endings, and each time I am a little anxious about how the new venture will unfold. For example, when my full-time job evaporated a few months ago, I was devastated because it was akin to being kicked out of my home, although I knew that I had long since outgrown the job. I remember the sense of despair and hollowness that I felt for a while. However, life has presented me some glorious new challenges and options, and I’m glad I broke out of that shell.

My aunt is staying with us for a few days right now, and she made a comment this morning that resonated with me. Last evening, she spent time with my children, straightening up their room and discarding things that were old, outgrown, or simply trash. My older daughter had a hard time parting with a crumpled piece of paper upon which she had written her name. It was precious to her for some reason that I can’t fathom. Ultimately, my aunt prevailed and the bit of paper was discarded.

How much do we cling to things that should be discarded out of fear of what will happen when they are gone? A former friend of mine said once that sometimes you have to clear the cat off your lap so another one can jump up. In my world, this means that you have to let go of the old and familiar to welcome the new. We have no idea what the new will be like, so we cling to the familiar. It takes courage to let go of the possessions, preconceptions, and situations that hold us back.

In my life right now, I just received the invitation to visit that school I mentioned in my last entry. I will be meeting with the president of the school, the human resource department, and teaching a live class of students. When I received the invitation yesterday, I could hardly wait to arrange my travel, and my family was just as excited as I. My intuition tells me that this visit will be different from any other because of the meeting with HR and the fact that they have already discussed salary and benefits with me. We’re down to just the official blessing and paperwork sign-offs. It’s a small school, so there’s not many hoops to jump through. They clearly need me, and the position is so specialized that I’m probably not competing with many other people. It seems as though this position was waiting for me, and I have been waiting for it to make itself available. All of my interview travel has taught me lessons in pacing and preparing myself so that I feel truly prepared for this interview. Also, every little piece of the puzzle– even down to the minutia of clothing– has magically fallen into place at precisely the right time for this opportunity.

The Creator indeed works in mysterious ways!

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