The Top of This Mountain

English: Fall foliage autumn leaf colour Vermo...
English: Fall foliage autumn leaf colour Vermont Hogback Mountain one hundred mile lookout (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A new life has begun in me! No, I’m not pregnant– at least, not with a child. 🙂

I am bursting with new life, with joy, and with wonder. I was hired yesterday by that wonderful college that I visited and fell in love with in Vermont. I think I spent most of yesterday spreading the joyous news, setting plans in motion, and talking with dear friends and family. My husband wrote one of the most touching emails that I have ever read from him — the last was when we knew we meant for each other, and I carried that in my purse until the paper degraded– to tender his resignation and spread the wonderful news to the people at our former employer. I was truly moved by how many people joined in the chorus of praise throughout the day.

It occurred to me last night, as I reflected on the day and its occurrences, that my life has almost completely transformed now. Every bit of my professional work reflects my doctorate in ways that I would never have dreamed possible. I am going to have to get used to being addressed as Professor and Doctor by students and colleagues alike. It’s a little strange for me, but I know I can grow into it. Gone are the days of being ashamed of who I am and what I have achieved in my life. Gone are the people who would denigrate me or try to pull me down, claiming that I was undeserving of the esteem for which I invested my blood, sweat, and tears that span many years. My hobby of searching for new jobs each time I had a few minutes has ended (except for the mandatory applications to maintain my unemployment income until the day I actually start my new job, which will be in late August).

The old has fallen away, and the new me has emerged.

I thanked God for the journey and the amazing result, which was far beyond anything that I could have dreamed on my own. I promised to make my life a work of gratitude and expression of the wondrous deeds that have been worked in me. This morning, I awoke early with a sense that I had a new life to start, and that I could hardly wait to begin. I am eager to soar with my new wings.

Time to find out who this new self is, to soar on my strong wings, to leave behind the pain and grief that has plagued me and my family for far too long. Now begins the long-awaited relocation to our new home. But it’s not truly “new”– my family and I have created it with our hopes and prayers for a very long time. It’s time to manifest it so that it may be perceived by our physical senses.

Time to find my next mountain. I think I’m going to rest and enjoy this view for a short while, though. It is truly glorious!

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