The companion of joy, the price of peace


I read on a Facebook post this week that laughter heals the mind, but joy heals the spirit. I think I have been so dis-spirited for so long that I had forgotten what that saying meant.I’m not sure why I had to go through what happened– and don’t really care about the “why”– but I’m glad I did. The joy that I feel welling up inside me is healing parts of my spirit that I didn’t even know were hurting.

This past weekend has been a blur of bon voyage parties. Friends and family came to wish us well, to pray for our safety in the journey, and to tell us how much they love us. I expected that I would be teary-eyed, but I’m surprisingly not. Instead, I find myself at peace. I know beyond question that We are on the absolutely correct path and that all will be well. Instead of fear and anxiety, I find myself serene.

The companion of joy is peace. As joy heals the spirit, peace is what follows. I have learned to trust God — truly, blindly trust in ways that frighten me, because I find it so difficult to trust anyone. I remember when I told God that I would do whatever She asked, go wherever She wanted. I remember being asked the question, “Do you really mean that– anywhere, anything?” I wholeheartedly responded “yes.” I was at the rock bottom point, filled with despair at my fruitless searching, exhausted in body and mind, wounded in spirit. I felt as though I had nothing left besides love for those whom I cherish and trust in God. I figured what the heck– let’s just trust and see what happens.

So what happened? I was granted an opportunity that exceeded my wildest dreams:

  • A chance to influence the lives of the people who desperately need my gifts
  • A place to for my children to grow where it is healthy, safe, and quiet
  • An environment in which my husband and I can grow in peace

It so completely surpasses my imagination that I can hardly believe it is meant for me.

The companion of joy is peace.

The price of peace is trust.


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