We are just approaching the crest of that final part of the roller coaster. You know the one: you can see that you are approaching the station, you’ve been tossed and spun and screamed a lot already, and it’s the grand finale that you know will be magnificent…and terrifying.

We are set to pick up the moving van in precisely 48 hours from now. As I look to my right into the front room, we have all the girls’ bedroom packed into soft-sider luggage (most people would call them lawn and leaf trash bags) and their furniture is saran-wrapped to prevent it from scrapes and scratches. I have at least four suitcases next to me so we can pack down all the clothes that we don’t expect to wear in the next week or so. Chris’s computer and board games are piled neatly, awaiting final pack-down.

It hit me this morning that 48 hours is…short! That’s what woke me up at 6:38 a.m.– that gut-wrenching realization that there is much to be done in a very short time.




It will all get done



At least I’ve had my coffee and the first load of laundry is done.

Did I mention that I rolled a 1 for agility last weekend? I managed to trip over my own feet on a friend’s deck. My leg has been an amazing montage of reds and blues that started at my knee and has wept itself down into my ankle.

I think the Universe is reminding me to take it slow and let other people, who are far more suited to lift objects than I, do the heavy work. I’ll handle the challenge of connecting the pieces of the move, like the money, hotel arrangements, utilities set-up, and — yes, I must be crazy — the classes I start teaching online tomorrow and a certification that has two weeks to completion.

Where is the 25-year-old me who could do all these things AND help load the truck AND go on 4 hours’ sleep?

Don’t answer that. 🙂

English: The Kraken roller coaster ride at Sea...


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