Bouncing back

1898 photograph of a group of young girls lear...
1898 photograph of a group of young girls learning how to make a bed at a “vacation school”, what in modern terminology would probably be a summer camp. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


As I admitted to myself that I missed my mom’s dog, one of my friends commented that I might be homesick.




The word itself conjures images of a lonely child at summer camp or being far away from someone you love. I guess I am a bit homesick, but since I am in my new home, it’s not like I can really go back to where I was. One of my favorite Facebook feeds is AMS Daily, which posts motivational ideas. The comment that I read today  was about looking back at the place we have left and wondering if it was truly worth going back. as I look back, I have cherished friends and wonderful memories. I wish I could pack each of my friends with me so they could experience even one taste of the happiness and fulfillment I’m experiencing now.


Then it occurred to me that each person has their own path to follow. If I were to bring some of my friends here, they might experience something completely different than I do, and might resent my dragging them along. If our paths are meant to cross again, they will.


To alleviate the homesickness, we adopted a cat from the local humane society. Janet is an 8.5 year short-haired black kitty with allergies to fleas. She had been relinquished by her previous owners because of her age and medical needs, and stayed in the shelter for over 6 months. I read her story and felt that soul tug that I associate with something that I must do without question.  We checked with our landlady to make sure that a cat was alright to live with us, and Janet arrived home on Monday. She is very skittish  (understandably so) and very sweet. Last night she decided I was a safe person and demanded lots of pets that ended in her snuggling next to me, purring me to sleep. She needed us as much as we needed her, I think. The dynamic in the house has taken on a completely new aspect since her arrival. I can’t put my finger on it, but the energy in the house is more alive with our new little friend there.


Ahhhhh. One more problem solved.


Today, my boss and I were discussing a summer program for our students, and she invited me to go (with my husband and children accompanying me, of course) to Europe where we would teach our students about some aspects of business. We’re in the fledgling parts of the plans, but the thought of going to Europe to teach my students is beyond anything I could have dreamed.


I’m reflecting on the believing in the beauty of my dreams and the need to dream HUGE. What I’m experiencing now was only the wisp of an idea several years ago– and it just keeps getting better!



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