Today’s a holiday?

A card game (Apples to Apples) in progress at ...


I have never had Columbus Day as a holiday, except maybe in high school or something. I cannot remember ever having this day be a holiday, but it is now. In fact, I get TWO days for this break. Part of me feels like a slacker, especially as I listen to people driving past the house on their way to and from work. But I’m enjoying the time, no doubt. This is the first time in my children’s lives that I have had a day off at the same time that they do in October. We have spent the day relaxing, watching movies, playing card games, cooking, and other home-centered activities.  It’s a lovely time for a break: the weather is good, I’m relatively well, and nothing pressing needs to be done.


This holiday is the product of having a truly humane employer. During last week’s community meeting (which involves faculty and staff), the president mentioned that  the school barely missed being listed among the best employers in the country. A BEST employer. — and in the entire country! When I consider my previous employers, most of which would easily be classified as the country’s worst employers, I’m pleasantly surprised by all the wonderful aspects of this new life.


Yes, there’s some downsides: Cold-weather clothing expenses and being far away from family and friends. Thank goodness for eBay, email, Facebook, and Skype!


But the little things like having a 3- or 4-day weekend every 3-4 weeks is amazing. And I’ll have six weeks off at Christmas — with full pay and no sick-time effects —  which is ideal for me to recuperate from this year’s holiday present: a new knee!


I don’t think I’ve ever felt so healthy, so appreciated, or so welcome. Wow…



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