Santa’s deliveries

Christmas postcard, 1911

I am convinced now that Santa brings all the presents you want if you are patient. My mom and I were chatting a couple of days ago, and she asked what presents my family wants for Christmas. I’m one of those people that if you ask me what I want, my mind freezes and I cannot remember. I used to make lists throughout the year to avoid this problem in years past.

But not this year.

It occurred to me that Santa delivers everything you ask for, but some gifts take longer than others. This year, my wants pertain to my new life in Vermont, and they aren’t many. For the last few years, I have always wanted to ask Santa for a new job and a better life for my family, but how on earth do you request that? It’s not something that can be wrapped and placed under a tree. Santa, for his part, brought my family as many opportunities as possible and many presents that we didn’t know we wanted (but enjoyed nonetheless).

I think the real Santa has elves that work special hours. They are not the ones that are depicted as working in the North Pole to assemble toys. No, these elves are dispatched to different locations throughout the year, delivering presents that reside in hearts, not on letters to the big man. My gifts arrived during this past summer, when Santa brought me a wonderful new job and my family a new life that was better than our wildest dreams.

Granted, as I write this, it’s about 25 degrees with 30 mph wind gusts, and tonight’s low is supposed to be 8 degrees. But Santa has prepared us with more gifts, including the resources to obtain the necessary articles of clothing and warmth that we need to be comfortable. For me, he has brought more: I’m sitting in my favorite chair, watching my sweet kitty bathe in the window sill and watching the leafless trees swaying in the wind. I have the peace that accompanies the knowledge that my primary physical disability will be gone in 23 days and a renewed chance to reshape my body and improve my health awaits in the new year. I have the serenity of knowing that my husband will be employed as of tomorrow and that our financial worries will ease by Christmas.

In short, the gift Santa brought me is a new life.

If Santa seems to be a lot like a representative of the Creator, then you’re correct. I think that Santa is one of Her elves. Santa just gets the cool red suit and lots of publicity.

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