What is the fast lane to gratitude?

An oil lamp, the symbol of nursing in many cou...


I’m writing this post from m hospital room. This room is unlike any other that I have occupied: I have a room service menu for my meals, privacy when I want it, and DirecTV (only 20 channels, but I’m not complaining). The people here are fantastic, and I actually slept well last night. I don’t get the feeling that they need me to hurry up and heal because they need the room. They want to make sure that I am genuinely as healed as possible so I can be independent while I heal.


Either I’ve landed in Camelot or the painkillers are so strong that I’m missing some detail.


I came to the hospital on a bitterly cold morning, and I expected the same treatment that I’ve ever had, in which doctors don’t know my  name, and getting your nurse takes forever when you hit the call button– and then they’re as surly as though you asked them to work a double shift on Christmas. I’m not disparaging nurses in ANY way. I think that we live in an economy in which our nurses are overworked and our celebrities are overpaid.


Getting off the soapbox now.


I can honestly  say that I am not anxious about functioning independently at home after they discharge me tomorrow. The staff has made sure that I have every tool, medication, and all the blood I need (very literally). My tummy is happy with the good cooking, and the chocolate cake is amazing!


On top of this, my husband called me this morning to tell me that he had flu as of this morning. Great. I called my pastor, who responded by picking up my children after school so that they could play with her children, giving my husband a break this evening. She brought the girls by to visit and gifted me with a beautifully knitted prayer shawl that the ladies of our church created. As I lay here this evening, while my new knee was going through some passive flexibility exercises, I realized that I felt truly loved. These people here in Vermont hardly know who I am, and all I have received is warm acceptance and support.


I’m in a pinch-me stage right now.  Is this place real?


That is the fast lane to gratitude: No expectations, open-minded acceptance, and childlike wonder at the gifts offered.




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