Tastes of Home

No matter where I wander in this world, Sees candies will always taste like California to me. Northern California, to be precise. I grew up close to the  Sees factory, and I cannot remember any time of my stay in Northern California — either when I was a young child or my last long stay — when Sees wasn’t ubiquitous. When you live in the BayArea, Sees candies are so commonplace that they cross the line into being unremarkable.

This evening, my older daughter brought me a simple Sees butterscotch lollipop, which is one of my favorites among their products. It truly is nothing remarkable to see:

(C) Sees Candies

However, as I enjoyed the silky sweetness, I was instantly transported to my parents’ family room in northern California. As I looked at the clock, I knew that they would likely be watching the evening news, relaxing after  a busy Christmas day filled with relatives. Dinner would be cooking and nearly ready. Sophie, their Welsh Corgi, would be awaiting her dinner. It would probably be cool and dark  with the evening fog rolling in.

Then I finished my candy, and was brought back to where I sat. My husband and children cuddled with me as we watch a movie and celebrate my birthday. Apple crumble is baking in the oven. Fresh snow has decorated the area and glitters whenever the moon peeks out. The house is warm and cozy.

A new year of my life commences, and the new-found knowledge that a simple taste can allow me to visit the places I love makes me happy.

Then, as I looked


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