We all know that misery loves company, but how about happiness?

I’ve been doing a little pseudoscience via my Facebook feed. As I read through my friends’ updates, most of them are re-posts of Internet memes, Facebook-based “quizzes,” feel-good images, and those posts that make you feel like crap if you don’t click “like”–  you know the ones: the kid who beat cancer, the soldiers, anything Jesus-related, anti-animal abuse, etc. It’s not that I don’t support those worthy ideas. I simply don’t want to wear out my mouse and right index finger because of some misplaced sense of guilt.

Among the other posts, I’ve noticed a decrease in the number of posts about people’s lives. Of those posts, many I read depict a misery that is often heart-wrenching. Perhaps one or two posts I read each day are actually original and positive. I wonder if life is so pervasively awful, or is it something else.

I think that we’ve all heard the well-worn adage that misery loves company. Is life really so awful that we all should be miserable? Or is it that it’s comfortable to share misery as a way of making friends?

My life, although far from perfect in many ways, has taken a serious left turn from where it was a year ago. I’ve got my challenges (some pretty rough!) but nothing that I would classify as in any remote way as “miserable.” I’m happy. Happy! So is my family. I get the feeling that being happy is intimidating because it makes unhappy people feel worse about themselves.

Misery loves company. What does happiness love?

More happiness

More positivity

More people to love and guide

Yep, that’s for me. images


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