Memorial Day in the Northeast

I reviewed my Facebook feed this morning and noticed that many of my California friends commented about the hundred-degree weather on Memorial Day. I figured I might be ostracized (at the very least) if I spoke my truth:

I do NOT miss 100 degree weather on Memorial Day! In fact, I hate 100 degree weather in general.

Memorial Day here in the Northeast was in the upper 70s and the chance of rain persisted throughout the day. If we had a grill, it would have been ideal to have a picnic dinner, complete with s’mores (of course!). I did manage to get outside for a walk a little before sunset. There was a lovely breeze that picked up the scents of honeysuckle and lilac that grows like weeds around here.

I also noticed the growing proliferation of American flags around our little town. I have heard that Independence Day celebrations are epic in small Northeastern towns. I can hardly wait!

My brother asked me yesterday if we are happy here. He seemed surprised when I said it would take a crow-bar to get us to leave this area. We genuinely love living here and none of us want to live anywhere else. I guess that idea is hard to comprehend if all you’ve known is living in California, but there you have it. After living all over the country, this is by far my favorite place in the world. I hardly want to travel because I miss this little town when I’m gone. Why?

1. It’s a peaceful and safe town

2. Green, lush rolling hills

3. Brooks, streams, and river with clean water

4. Humidity that is just enough to make the air soft

5. Excellent schools

6. Nice people

7. Slower pace of life

8. Close to more famous places than I can count

All in all, I think it’s one of the country’s best-kept secrets.


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