Soccer and a Concert

Today was one of those amazing days. The day was warm in the late-spring way, the sky blue with little fluffy clouds. We started the day with a birthday party for one of the kids’ friends. The entertainment for the party was the kids playing Catch the Flag, Werewolf, skateboarding/pogo-sticking, playing freeze tag. It was a laid-back, three-hour chance to enjoy the late morning. It was lovely not being at an overly loud birthday place with a bunched of hyper kids and parents looking at their watches.

After we returned home, we started a family soccer game. It was Daddy and the soccer-player against the newbie and gimp (me). The Daddy team won 15-11, but it was so much fun that we hated to end it. I almost demanded a rematch, but that will have to wait for another day because we had a concert to attend.

This little town of ours has free concerts every other Sunday. It’s one of those affairs where families bring lawn chairs and blankets, some folks bring food, and the adults enjoy the music and each other’s company while the kids play to their hearts’ content. We ate a wonderful dinner accompanied by world music and enjoyed the spectacular evening as much as the company.

Just another day in our little corner of paradise. Paradise courtesy of


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