Strawberries and summertime

It has been nearly a week since school ended for the girls, and we are having such a blast! I pushed myself HARD to finish what I needed to with my book and completed it all. I realized, as I checked the work off my task list, that the work I had just completed had lived on my daily task list since November. It is an incredible relief, and I’m now able to relax into the joy of having time with my children.

One of the activities I have planned for this summer is the canning of fresh fruits and veggies for winter. It’s a skill that I want my girls to have and will make our winters much sweeter. I found out last evening that Western Massachusetts has many farms that allow you to pick your own produce at greatly reduced prices. Today, we went to Atlas Farms in Deerfield an picked about 10 pounds of organic strawberries. Granted, it was one of the hottest days this year, but the girls and I had a lot of fun hunting down the berries in the field.

One of the most awesome parts of this is that we can explore New England by finding similar farms. I noticed that we can pick so many different fruits and veggies at different farms, and our pantry will be full of summertime goodness when winter makes its crystal-white appearance.

This is yet more sweetness that I never anticipated.Strawberries 062514


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