A soggy Independence Day morning

I have been looking forward to small-town New England July fourth celebrations. It sounds intensely fun and homey, with egg-toss contests, parades in which the kids decorate their bikes with crepe paper, and pie-eating contests abound. I just heard someone on the “Today” show proclaim that calories consumed don’t count today. Good thing, because we brought home donuts for breakfast.

And then there’s Arthur.

Who’s Arthur? He’s the name of the hurricane that is moving north along the East coast today. We are under a band of heavy rain that is the northern edge of  the storm. It started last night with breathtaking thunder and lightning, which had the good grace to wait until people had completed shopping and commuting home before pounding the area. My children and I were enjoying Buffy the Vampire Slayer, snuggling while Willow was getting her evil on and enjoying nature’s light show.

My girls just padded out in their jammies, asking where we will go to see fireworks today. I hate to burst their bubble, but it depends on what the weather does. If we go, it will probably be to see the show at the tiny town just north of us. The thought of dealing with major crowding just repels me.

Al of our fingers are crossed that the weather will comply.Soggy morning


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