Humid July Monday

My younger daughter and I were exploring the apps on my laptop and noticed that July in southern Vermont is the hottest, rainiest month of the year. One part of me rejoices because I love the raw power of big thunderstorms. The other part of me — the one that eschews hot weather and all that accompanies it — inwardly groaned.

The nirvana that is my home has a flaw. Impossible!

As is my way, I searched for something good about it.  The rain and heat make the Green Mountains green. It makes the local produce ripe. It cleans the air. Best of all: It’s only for a short while.

On this inauspicious Monday morning, it was already 70 degrees with 80% humidity at 7:30 a.m. Blech. Instead of admiring the beauty of the sky and the trees outside the window, we must draw the curtains to keep as much heat out as possible. Yes, we have air conditioning, but I hate to pay for it.

On another subject, I’m now halfway through my lovely, long summer break. It feels really odd to be home so much. The lovely thing is that when I do visit my office, it smells like home to me. In the meantime, I’m enjoying sleeping in, playing with my kids, exploring New England when we can, and just puttering around. Oh yeah — and working to complete the textbook project for the September release, which occupies more of my time than I ever imagined.

So what are the spiritual takeaways?

  • Even the most wonderful places are imperfect
  • Despite my worries, my office will continue to be “mine,” even when I’m not physically there
  • Being home with my children is as easy as breathing

I hear God laughing as I may these anxieties to rest.

Image credit: Max Bukovsky/Shutterstock
Image credit: Max Bukovsky/Shutterstock




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