The thing or a house?

We turned a corner this week and BLAM!

The epiphany struck us.

The realization that the one dream that we had nurtured for 13 years is finally within our grasp: A house. Security and stability for our children. The one part of each of our upbringings that symbolized family and safety. Because of a single choice — my pursuing a master’s certificate — that dream finally met us.

For me, everything suddenly came into focus. I don’t need another pair of shoes or another sweater if it means that the dream will slip away again. I explained the idea to my older daughter, and she was on board instantly. So is my husband, but he was probably there before I was.

And what makes it so real? A property a few miles north of where we live now. Nine acres with a beautiful home and a million-dollar view. We don’t know if it will be ours, but we are certainly going to hope so. It feels like our place. I am see myself sitting on the east-facing deck with a cup of coffee and my laptop, checking the morning email and news feeds.

I know, I know: Don’t fall in love with it. We won’t be able to put a contract on it until next April. A lot can happen between now and then. What if….?

Yeah — what if? What if we do get it? What if we add this to the growing list of our successes?

It feels, to an extent, like the way visiting this part of the country and my beloved school felt. It is the place that’s been waiting for me to find it. We never would have considered buying the home until a little while ago when we made a couple of discoveries about the property that suddenly placed it within our reach. I’m not going to post a picture of it because it might jinx the whole deal.

I only know one thing for certain at this point: We are going to be in our own home by this time next year. If it’s not the one I’m thinking of right now, I’m sure it would mean that the Creator has a better one in mind for us.



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