What do you do when you finally finish initially authoring a textbook?

  1. Sleep
  2. Make homemade apple pie
  3. Feed yummy family-recipe pasta to anyone that sits down long enough
  4. Hug my husband and children
  5. Breathe
  6. Call people on the phone
  7. Actually watch a TV show without the laptop open
  8. Catch up on other projects that you put off until that someday arrived
  9. Pet the cat who can snuggle in your lap now that said laptop is removed
  10. Figure out ways to make the next edition better
  11. Resist the compulsion to open the laptop
  12. Laugh
  13. Plan tomorrow’s workout
  14. Post a hilarious video to Facebook
  15. Figure out that the laptop is open since you’re writing this blog post, so you might as well get some work done.

Damn. It was bound to happen anyway.(C) Chuck Lorre Productions. Thank you, www.exclusivetouch.co.uk for posting this picture


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