You know you’re finally a Vermonter when…

1. 50 degrees is just too warm for a jacket.
2. You hear “winter storm warning” and immediately wonder if you have enough toilet paper,  milk, and bread, not how much snow is coming.
3. The main fixtures in the car are the windshield de-icer, wool blankets, and a snow brush.


4. Cup holders in a car are optional, but seat heaters are mandatory.
5. Main considerations when buying a house consist of “how much does it cost to heat” and “how much driveway do we have to plow.”
6. Boots are a wardrobe necessity–not those cute ones in magazines, but the type that actually keep your feet dry in the snow.

New boots that depict a new facet of me.

7. Your home-canned food takes up more room than store-bought alternatives.
8. Checking the weather is both a hobby and a main conversation topic.


9. You know exactly where most of your food comes from and it’s usually within a one-hour drive.
10. Family and community are more important than things.


Yep. We’re Vermonters now. It’s just one more step on the journey.

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