I love the snow here. It’s like a blanket that covers the land while it slumbers during the cold months. It crunches under my feet, and I feel the life that waits patiently for spring with each step I take. It sparkles (sometimes too much) in the sunlight and glows in the moonlight. In our current abode, I love the view from my kitchen windows  in the morning, when the neighbors’ chimneys emanate wood smoke that Norman Rockwell would have loved.

This week, nature gave us snow-coated trees that appeared as though they were dipped in white confectioner’s sugar. The lead-gray clouds offered a dramatic contrast that made me appreciate my warm home. I guess this is what makes me different from many people: I love the different seasons, but fall and winter are my favorites. I’m looking forward to being able to navigate the snow more comfortably this winter since my knees don’t hurt like they did last year.

Another first snowfall, another first Sunday of Advent, and the beginning of a new season: Hope. Winter is all about hope. preparation, planning, and appreciating this particular aspect of the Creator’s beauty. I am so glad that I have been gifted with the grace to appreciate it all.10462375_10205132120604344_1291601447380169149_n


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