Overjoyed but dragging my tail

This has been one of those weekends that has contained epiphanies and serendipity. I feel as though I have run a marathon while towing a semi truck…that subsequently ran over me.

On one hand, my brother has finally accepted that he might have autism. My cousin, who works with autistic kids, and I both have agreed that he exhibits many suspect behaviors. I am overjoyed that we finally found a way to describe all the differences we have noticed over the years. I am filled with hope for my brother because so many resources exist to validate his experience and to possibly improve his quality of life. That I had to move across the country and take classes about a topic that I hardly understood 18 months ago in order to reach this realization…serendipity hardly describes it.

On the other hand, working seven long days in a row leaves me feeling like this little guy:



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