Christmas is coming…

Way too quickly! I was just looking through some pictures, and it seems like we were sweating through the summer heat.

We are preparing to travel to my husband’s family’s home in a few days, and each of us feels a little trepidation about this trip. One of the family members there is the one who has been mean to each of the four of us. We have our exit strategies planned and explicit instructions about handling this person. I’m hoping that we have over planned these strategies.

I’m also wrestling with the present I most want to give my husband: The freedom to tell his employer to take a flying leap. This employer is one of the worst I have ever encountered — and that’s truly saying a lot. They have created a hostile working environment, but I doubt they would understand if he said that. The clientele he works with are truly the worst of society, and his professional input is dismissed by his manager because he has never been homeless/addicted to illegal drugs/an alcoholic/gay. He works 12 hours per week at most, thanks to his manager’s bully-like treatment, but also has to remind said manager that he cannot work the additional hours that she requests. Just last week, he fell on the ice in the office’s parking lot, and his manager didn’t help or sympathize. Instead, she mocked him for not having cleats. Today was just about the final straw: said manager had instructed him to hold off on submitting his mileage expenses, but then complained when he did– and then short-paid his expenses. He is so disgusted with these people, and I’m furious with the lack of professionalism. We won’t go into my thoughts about the HR violations.

I’m meditating on the decision, as it will affect certain parts of our family dynamic. I’m 99% certain that we will be able to make his wish to quit a reality, and I’m not sure why I’m hesitant. Maybe it’s years of financial insecurity that fuels my fear. It simply feels right to get him out of this awful place, but that means trusting that the Universe will provide for all our needs. Trust. Not easy.

Maybe it will be the best Christmas gift — for both him and me.

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